Sail boats


There is no better way to discover Hickling and adjoining Broads than by boat! The Norfolk Broads have 125 miles of outstanding scenery to be enjoyed and discovered. There are several boat hire companies only a short bike ride away from the campsite with plenty of vessels of all shape and sizes to choose from.

Whispering Reeds is under a mile from the campsite where you can hire day boats, houseboats, days and nights on Bittern and new boat builds, situated next to the Pleasure Boat Inn, simply look for a big green boat shed with a blue flag on the roof and you are there!ย

Sutton Staithe Boat Yard is a superb and quiet boat yard to begin your journey and is only two miles away from the campsite.ย Please visit Sutton Staithe Boatyard website for more information.

In Potter Heigham, two miles away from the campsite you can hire a day boatโ€ฆ Visit to book your choice of vessel.

Windsurfing Norfolk Broads


We are lucky enough to have the premier windsurfing location on our doorstep! A beautiful, safe location, close to the North Sea coast, great winds, beginner loan equipment, excellent facilities, and a warm welcome awaits!